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    FLKSHRM - Health Care Cost, Surprises, Transparency, and How Employers Are Combating Them

    Date: February 19, 2020, 11:30pm
    City Of Key West, Upstairs Conference Room, 1300 White St, Key West
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    Speaker:  Jim Vigue, CLU, FLMI, ACS, Advanced Self-Funding Certified
    Vice President Employee Benefits, McGriff Insurance Services

    Sponsor: McGriff Insurance Services

    Approved for HRCI & SHRM PDC 1.25 hrs

    In this presentation we will discuss the Trump Administration Historic Price Transparency Requirements to Increase Competition and Lower Healthcare Costs. What this means for covered individuals, and the law suit by a coalition of major hospital groups to prevent it’s implementation. We will also discuss the “Surprise Medical Bill” in Congress and the Bill’s attempt to protect consumers from Out of Network Charges and balanced billing when treatment is in an In-Network facility.

    We will also look at how the long standing lack of price transparency has been a major factor in the rising cost of health insurance. We will discuss different approaches employers are taking to combat the lack of price transparency and the pros and cons of the health insurance models tackling the cost problem.

    • A look at the cost variance between providers that is driving the transparency debate.
    • Details of the rules for Hospital posting of prices starting in 2021
    • Details of the Hospital Groups suite to stop the Price Transparency Rule
    • Details of the major bipartisan healthcare legislation to outlaw surprise medical bills.
    • Discuss Employer strategies for combating the price variance & lack of transparency
      • The Walmart Model- higher quality doctors & lower cost providers
      • The Reference Based Pricing Method
      • The Integrated Healthcare Management Model